Hooray! It’s game night. I don’t mean a rousing round of poker in the den with beer flowing and plenty of snacks. I am talking about my husband’s adult league basketball game. All the wives turn out and we take turns trying to make it festive so it isn’t just another dull night in the gym. Sure, we like to cheer the team on, but having something nice to eat and drink makes the time pass faster. It is a time to socialize and share quips.

My husband is really into his favorite sport. He wasn’t content to watch it during the high season. Now he has to participate. He was ecstatic to find out that there was an adult team in the neighborhood. He practices all week before a game and is an infrequent guest at dinner. So I wouldn’t miss the team in action so I can share his passion. He went so far as to install an in-ground hoop after reading Baller’s Guide to maximize his prowess. The neighborhood kids love to come and watch. Basketball is sublimely social in so many ways and a surefire magnet for men.

When it comes my turn to provide the refreshments at the league games, you can be sure that it has something to do with wine. While beer or soda is the common beverage, my choice has won over more than one other wife. I gifted each one a bota bag some time ago in the hopes of converting everyone to my way of thinking. It is basically a liquid receptacle ideally made of fine skin. Mountain climbers and skiers love them. I got the idea when I realized that it might get messy trying to pour wine into plastic cups in the stands. The bags are perfect and the wives have decorated them for personal identification. If I fill each one with a wine of choice, red or white, it lasts for the entire game. I toss the empty bottles and go home empty handed, as planned.

Almost any food goes with wine, but I usually bring cheese and crackers so we don’t fill up. You can always buy hotdogs at tournament games, but the group likes to celebrate after at a casual dinner. The appetizer is perfect to whet the appetite as a foretaste of what is to come. Other wives bring thermoses of hot coffee and cookies, but more than one person has told me they like my plan the best. I go with the flow on beer night because I know that I will be resuming my usual wine regimen the next day.