I am under the firm opinion that you can never have too many bottle openers. There are some that just work better than others, and people often give them to me as gifts. I’ve got all kinds: a waiter style opener, a few butterflies, the lever style, and even an electronic one. I also have an incredibly cool looking table top wine opener, but I don’t use it as often as some of the others. After you read this post, you might just agree with me.

I prefer the lever style, because they require little effort and look very elegant. My favorite one was a lever style that was a little more plastic than metal. I liked it because it was light and worked well – I could open most bottles in just a couple of seconds. Unfortunately, the pin connecting the lever and the actual corkscrew fell out, and when I tried to put it back in, the whole thing broke apart. I was pretty upset, and of course this happened while I had guests over for dinner!

As I said, I do have a bunch of them, so I wasn’t flustered at that point. I got out my electronic model and tried to open the bottle that way, but nothing happened. Because we don’t use it much, the batteries were dead! I immediately wished ours was a rechargeable model and not the kind that runs on batteries, because we didn’t have any extra batteries that would fit in the house (of course, I am pretty sure I got this one as a gift, so I would never complain about it not being rechargeable out loud).

By then, one of my guests – a colleague from work, naturally — had come into the kitchen to find out what was taking me so long to come back to the table. Of course, me being known as the Wine Lady made the whole thing seem especially bad. At that point, I was officially embarrassed and hid my face as I rummaged through my kitchen drawers trying to find another wine opener.

The guest, being polite, asked if I needed any help just as I located an older lever model, a sturdy model wedged somewhere in back of the drawer. I managed to say that I was fine and said a little prayer in my head as I set the opener in place. Fortunately that one worked like a charm, allowing me to save face. I winked at my guest, who had come in with his wine glass in hand. I was able to pour him the first glass as a thank you.

My husband can never again make fun of me for having so many different wine openers “cluttering” up our kitchen drawers. He’s as big a fan of wine as I am, and would have considered it quite the tragedy to have to eat his steak without a trusty glass of Syrah to pair with it!